Pro Controll Revolution
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Freshwater Electric
Hand Controlled
Trolling Motor
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Hand Controlled Trolling-Motor-Pro-Controll
hand controlled trolling motor from Pro Controll distributed by RM Industries

With A Hand Controlled Trolling Motor You Can FISH LIKE THE PROS!

There are reasons why competition style bass boats cost tens of thousands of dollars: they look good, run super fast – and they all have a bow-mounted, foot-controlled trolling motor.

Pros know that pulling a boat, rather than pushing it, allows them to position the boat exactly where they want it. And it is much easier to control casts from the bow. That’s why a bow-mounted hand controlled trolling motor means more fish caught.

Thanks to RM Industries’ Pro Controll® line of products, you don’t have to spend big bucks to get those benefits. Both our patented Revolution Trolling Motors and our EZ Mount mounting system allows you to mount your hand-controlled trolling motor on the bow of any Jon or utility boat with gunnels less than three inches wide and one inch deep.

Once you’ve tried a hand control bow mount trolling motor, you won’t go back. And you’ll know what we mean when we say “Freedom to fish how you want.”

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