Benefits of A Hand Controlled Trolling Motor

February 1, 2023

A hand controlled trolling motor is just one of the tools used by anglers. Trolling motors can be hugely valuable tool for fisherman of all sorts. Pro Controll has the expertise and competence you expect when dealing with a fishing company. Pro Controll exists because two avid anglers forged a lifelong friendship while fishing the…

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Can You Put a Hand-Controlled Transom Mount Trolling Motor on the Bow?

January 18, 2023

Yes, you can put a transom mount trolling motor on bow of the boat. Both of Pro Controll’s trolling motors can mount either to the transom or the bow of the boat.  Do you remember those days out on the river or lake with grandpa, using a hand paddle to get to the best fishing spot? Fortunately…

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Front Trolling Motor Options For a Hand-Controlled Trolling Motor

January 4, 2023

Everyone knows a bow mounted Trolling Motor will give you the flexibility and freedom to fish how you want. You’ll be able to position your boat precisely, even during winds or underwater currents. At Pro Controll, we offer two types of front trolling motor. Whether you are in an all-purpose fishing boat, Jon boat or something…

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Our Mount for Trolling Motor Reigns Superior

December 21, 2022

Pro Controll offers a mount for hand-controlled transom mounted trolling motors that is a step above the rest. There’s no question that an electric trolling motor on a fishing boat provides many advantages for quiet, controlled maneuverability and positioning. Now offered from Pro Controll is the EZ Mount for hand-controlled transom mounted trolling motors –…

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Front Mount Trolling Motor – Our Story

December 7, 2022

If you’re in the market for a front mount trolling motor – we’ve got the best! Pro Controll has the expertise and professionalism you want when dealing with a company. Pro Controll exists because two avid anglers forged a lifelong friendship while fishing the small lakes of Wyandotte County, on the outskirts of Kansas City…

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EZ Mount for trolling motors

EZ Mount and Other Accessories Offered by Pro Controll

November 16, 2022

An EZ Mount for your trolling motor will make your fishing experience even better. Several types of fishing boats, especially bass boats and bay boats/flats boats, have electric trolling motors. We’ve developed a more affordable solution for the professional fishing market. Find out why our EZ Mount is great for you by reading this article.…

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trolling motors for fishing

Hand Controlled Trolling Motor; Two Main Types

November 2, 2022

A hand controlled trolling motor can be a hugely valuable tool for fisherman. In this article we’ll explain the 2 main types of trolling motors, what you should consider when purchasing one, and who you should contact. Keep reading to find out why Pro Controll is the best of the best when it comes to…

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Three Tips for Small Water Success

May 13, 2022

Leverage Simplicity and Mobility to Catch More Bass Opportunity abounds as anglers pull boats storage, spool reels with fresh line, and hatch plans for their first bass trips of the new season. Many anglers will flock to supersized southern reservoirs to chase trophy largemouth, while others will head to the Great Lakes to land eye-popping…

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There was nothing like this in the fishing industry, so we invented it.

May 11, 2022

We’ve created a new category of hand-controlled trolling motors! Revolution Trolling Motors by Pro Controll is the first and only line of hand-controlled trolling motors that mount to the bow or transom of any jon or utility boat in minutes, without tools or boat modifications. Our patented mounting bracket, three thrust ratings, 48″ shaft, and…

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Pro Controll Pivots to King Eider Communications

April 1, 2022

Partnership Links Innovative Marine Manufacturer with Dynamic Agency Success on the water demands precision boat control. Whether slipping through reedbeds for slab crappies or patrolling the lily pads for bigmouth bass, anglers rely on the quiet propulsion of electric trolling motors to blend speed and stealth as they approach their wary quarry. Pro Controll offers…

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